Ecco cosa dicono di noi. Noi ci impegniamo sempre al massimo e i nostri clienti ci premiano con queste bellissime parole (in originale in inglese).

Ronny Bye, Chief Mate (February 2019)

Being a client of Accounting Services Ltd is very satisfactory as the company makes sure that customer satisfaction is high. The staff is not only polite and professional, but they’re also very friendly at the same time. This facilitates our communication with them as they also reply quickly to any queries sent to them via email. Above all, they offer very competitive prices on the all the services that they provide.

Michael Camilleri (January 2019)

Way back in 2010 I sought help from Adrian Sciberras, who later set up Accounting Services Ltd. From that day onwards, I didn’t look back as Accounting Services Ltd provided me with all the help I needed to have everything in order. The services have always been efficient and trustworthy, making it easier for me not to lose any precious time and focus on my business. Amongst other services, Accounting Services Ltd takes care of my VAT and Tax returns and grant applications. Working with this company has always been successful and I recommend their services to anyone who needs accounting support. Above all, I love the fact that I can deal with the same point of contact whenever I need assistance.

Matthew Borg, Director, Globe Stationers (February 2018)

Accounting Services Ltd always keeps its clients’ business in mind and stays in constant communication to keep track of everything. The team does not only deliver numbers efficiently, but it delivers them in a creative way to my liking. I will certainly further my work with Accounting Services Ltd as its team is always willing and ready to assist me and guide me on any issues related to accounting and taxation. Adrian Sciberras is truly one of a kind as he is always ready to assist when needed even though he has a very busy schedule.

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Damiana Covre, Professional Translator (February 2018)

I admit that although I have been a freelancer for many years, I have always been a bit clumsy in handling my paperwork, so I have chosen Accounting Services because I needed someone I can fully trust and who takes my hand and assists me. I was amazed by their readiness to help and by their level of expertise. The CEO, Adrian Sciberras, and the entire team are extremely friendly and skilled, and something I truly appreciate is that they always have time for me and are so patient in explaining things.

They definitely made my move to Malta smooth and even more pleasant. They assisted me from the very beginning to open my position, clarifying all my doubts and taking care of deadlines and submissions. I have recommended them to a number of friends and I will continue to do so. I think they deserve success and growth because they combine skills and humanity in a unique combination. They definitely make my life easier and better and I could not do without them.

Hugh A Pace, Director, GeoJen Limited (February 2018)

I would just like to say how impressed I am with the service I get from Accounting Services. Besides prompt replies to my queries, I also find it very useful that you have legal services offered within the firm.

I was recommended to your firm by a family member as I was not too happy with the previous accountants I employed. Staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable and I get answers to my queries 6 days a week. I highly recommend Accounting Services to anyone who may be reading this. 

Alfio Petralia, Director, Premium Coffee International Ltd (March 2017)

We have put our trust in Accounting Services Ltd from the beginning; we never had any concerns about their services. We are very pleased with the way they work and as a team they are always kind and fast in answering to all emails.

Accounting Services Ltd provided various solutions regarding banks queries, paperwork for hiring of new employees and they also helped us understand and solve various correspondence letters sent from Government departments. I would always recommend Accounting Services Ltd to others as they know how to take good care of their clients and the team is always ready to answer all questions.

Jesmond Darmanin, Business Owner, Storm Design (March 2017)

Before entrusting Accounting Services Ltd, we worked with an individual accountant; however, as the company’s needs outgrew what the individual provider was able to handle for us, we had to look for other options. I was impressed with the professional approach, the speed of service and also the genuine interest that was taken in my business, together with the delivery of interesting business and funding opportunities that I could make use as a small business.

Accounting Services Ltd was referred to me by another one of their customers who has been using their services for a long time and is extremely happy with the services they provide. Needless to say, I have experienced the same treatment; I have full visibility and clarity of my financial situation, delivering a service which is always on time and highly professional. I would absolutely recommend Accounting Services Ltd as their service is highly professional, reliable and dependable.

Pierre Mifsud, Business Owner (March 2017)

I started making use of Accounting Services Ltd’s services since I needed professional help when paying the appropriate taxes and filing of tax returns to make sure all is in line with the law.

I am pleased with the holistic services they offer, I can count on them for any tax advice or other related services. In addition, Accounting Services Ltd’s team contact me for my accounting needs rather than chasing them myself. I specifically chose Accounting Services Ltd, since Adrian Sciberras, the CEO of the company is a good friend of mine.

I would absolutely recommend Accounting Services Ltd for their fast and efficient services; and in fact I have already been doing so. Working with Accounting Services Ltd proved to be successful for me as they take care of matters that I am no expert in. I leave accounting issues in their hands.

Dennis Hansen, Director, Matching Visions (April 2016)

With so many different aspects of our business, we were always concerned about finding a complete accounting solution that we could trust and fully rely on. Happily, we have found this solution with Accounting Services Ltd.

From the very beginning, we have received nothing but honest, professional, and outstanding service – with the company regularly going beyond the call of duty. Nothing is too much trouble and since we started using them for all our accounting needs, we have never been happier. We cannot recommend Accounting Services Ltd enough. If you do not want to worry about all the big and small details, knowing that things are being taken care of, this is the company for you. Their rates are excellent, their service unrivalled and their knowledge unbeatable.

On top of all of this, the team at Accounting Services Ltd is extremely friendly and nice, which is why our relationship with them has been so successful, for so many years. We look forward to continuing growing our business together with Accounting Services Ltd and to many more years of quality service.

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Mikael Strunge, Partner & Gaming Director, Power Media Group (April 2016)

We have worked with Accounting Services Ltd for the past 5 years. We have tried out a lot of advisors in Malta but no one has been able to offer the service and reliability that Accounting Services Ltd has. I wholeheartedly recommend using Accounting Services Ltd for smaller and larger accounting tasks as well as for monthly administrative tasks such as payrolls, VAT/Tax administration etc.

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Aldo Monaca, Director, BoEM Ltd (April 2016)

I have known Adrian for the past four years since when I started my business and working together throughout these years we have become good friends. At all times, I have found his company’s services to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious, honest, peace-loving, courteous, and always helpful and ready to find the right solution for me.

Roberto Molfese, Director, Incas Ltd (March 2016) 

We’ve been assisted by Accounting Services Ltd from the very beginning of our business. Their team has proven to be expert professionals and excellent people to work with, always ready to answer our many questions and to find solutions and strategies to help us develop our business.

Justin Farrugia, Director, Areto Systems Limited (March 2016)

Accounting Services Ltd was a referral; however, today it is more than just that. This company reflects confidentiality and reliability, which are hard to come by nowadays. It provides the peace of mind that all my company’s accounting requirements are being well taken care of. I get to focus on what I do best while shifting the accounting responsibility to the professionals. I would unquestionably recommend Accounting Services Ltd time and time again.

Matthew Borg, Director, Globe Stationers (March 2016)

Being new to the business industry, I needed guidance on what was necessary at the initial stages of the business for it to flourish. Accounting Services Ltd, help me with all the required planning, acting as one big family making anyone feel welcome in no time. What encouraged me to specifically work with Accounting Services Ltd is the team’s vision and professional approach.

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Bruce Mackenzie, Director, MARCON Marketing (October 2014)

I was introduced to Accounting Services Ltd by a friend who spoke very highly of them. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, my time needs to be taken up with building my business, which means less time for administration. Accounting Services Ltd has provided an excellent and professional service, which has allowed me to spend more time on what I need to be doing and to rather focus on what I know.

Charles Muscat, Director, EPM Solutions (October 2014)

From the very initial stages of the setting up of our company, Accounting Services Ltd has provided us with invaluable, proactive advice on numerous aspects of the business, not merely accounting. The running of the company would not have been as efficient without Accounting Services Ltd.’s expertise and substantial involvement. We optimistically look forward to the future professionally supported by Accounting Services Ltd.

Mark Debono, Copywriter and Online Marketing Specialist, Systemato (September 2014)

Before working with Accounting Services Ltd, my main worry was that I did not quite know what was coming in and going out in terms of cash flow. My previous accountant was diligent enough, however, did not explain to me why things need to be done a certain way and not the other, and was never truly concerned with the problems I face as a small business owner.

I was very pleasantly taken aback when I moved over to Accounting Services Ltd. Adrian was frank that he himself would not actually be doing the books; such honesty is rare in business circles locally. The Accounting Services Ltd team is thorough and leave no stone unturned, but most importantly for me, they understand what problems I face in my situation. And also of great importance, they’ve saved me substantial amounts, at least in my view, on my VAT and tax returns.

I chose Accounting Services Ltd after I told my brother, who also runs his own company, that I did not trust my accountant with certain information given he was vested in a business which competes with me. My brother right away told me to contact Adrian as both he and his business partner were very happy with Adrian’s work.

I would certainly recommend Accounting Services Ltd, and have done so in fact.

Alon Michael Hattingh, Executive Producer, Rock Productions Malta Ltd (September 2014)

My company needed an accounting firm that dealt with all aspects of accounting. Accounting Services Ltd took everything under their wing and helped us become an even better company today. We absolutely recommend them to everyone and will be clients of theirs, forever.

Oliver Scicluna, Managing Director, CHIC Med-Aesthetic Clinics (September 2014)

Accounting Services Ltd has been CHIC Ltd’s advisor from the very onset and we have built a close working relationship. Whilst we appreciate the personal service offered by Adrian Sciberras and his team, we feel that the proactive information they constantly offer is key to our business’ success. They are always available and approachable to bounce off ideas or to ask for their objective professional advice.

Peter Thorslund Hansen, Director, Time to Eat (September 2014)

The service provided by Accounting Services is excellent. The team is easy to work with: flexible, knowledgeable and responsive. I highly recommend this company for anyone who is looking for accountancy services and more, in brief, they are able to handle all your business needs!