Accounting Services Ltd è gestita da una direzione di provata reputazione con un solido background professionale e da una squadra in grado di offrire la propria vasta esperienza sul campo, composta da commercialisti, contabili ed esperti di amministrazione.

Vi presentiamo il CEO di Accounting Services Ltd (in inglese):


Adrian Sciberras, FCCA, MIA, CPA, LL.B.(Hons)(Melit.)
Chief Executive Officer

Adrian Sciberras, FCCA, MIA, CPA, LL.B.(Hons)(Melit.), Chief Executive Officer of Accounting Services Ltd, is a certified public accountant and entrepreneur, who is also in the process of practicing the profession of an advocate. He was born in 1980 and received his education at St Aloysius College. Adrian brings over years of experience in the accountancy field and in helping clients achieve business success by helping them establish practical and sound tax and financial processes. As a founder and business partner of the Business Concept International plc group of companies, Adrian is an all-rounder in the financial sector. He gained his Accounting degree in 2003 whilst working in the private sector and then moved onto setting up his own businesses in 2009. Later in 2018, he graduated in law with an LL.B.(Hons)(Melit.). Following this, he is now pursuing the Master of Advocacy degree.

Throughout the years he has gained extensive accounting services experience and expertise in individual, corporate, partnerships, auditing and tax reports. In addition, Adrian has expertise in company management, international corporate structures and business consulting. His experiences go beyond the local scene due to his various business connections in Italy and especially in Libya, where Adrian served as a bridge to create business setups between the countries.

Adrian is a fellow member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in the UK and speaks fluently Maltese, English and Italian. Throughout his career, Adrian continues showing a long-term commitment to professionalism and ethics.

Vi presentiamo alcuni del team di Accounting Services Ltd (in inglese).


Angela is highly organised, outgoing and always ready to lend a hand when needed. She manages to keep everyone else well-organized with their paperwork and she lives up to the philosophy that every dream is reachable if you work for it. A very positive and cheerful person in the office. Angela is currently studying to obtain her ACCA.


Chris enjoys this role as he likes working in and handling different areas of work. He is organised, sets reminders to the team, assists where is needed and always ensures that everything is in place and fully functional at the office.


Conrad enjoys meeting people from different backgrounds and sectors, having diverse goals and ambitions in life. He is a sports enthusiast, has a very calm and patient personality, and who is always up-to-date about current affairs. Conrad is known for always looking at the positive side of things and believing that everything will work out at the end of the day.


Daryl enjoys working on his own for most of the time in order to be able to concentrate, but also loves to interact and meet new people. He is studying to obtain his ACCA and his goal is to become a qualified accountant. Daryl manages different tasks such as management accounts, payroll, or other work related to accounts administration. In his free time, especially on weekends, you can meet Daryl either at the gym or clubbing.


Dona is responsible for collecting any payments for our group of companies, a job, which she describes as satisfactory. The job helps her getting to know clients and maintaining a good relationship with them, which is not too difficult for Dona being a caring person with an outgoing character. She loves enjoying those occasional nice cold drink in the sun, long walks, and keeping herself updated on the latest TV series. Dona is currently studying to obtain her ACCA.


Muhammad is an outgoing person who can make friends easily and knows how to enjoy a good crowd. He is a hardworking accountant who pays attention to detail and is ambitious as his next career goals are to get the ICAEW and CPA. After rocking spreadsheets at work, he loves watching movies, reading articles, dancing and cooking. Being an accountant, his life favourite quote is “Surround yourself with assets, not liabilities”.


Rebecca is a positive and patient person with a passion for marketing, communications and media, especially current affairs, as well as travelling. After work, she usually winds down by going for a run or a CrossFit session. The weekend is the perfect time to catch up on the TV series that she follows. She believes that ‘When there’s a will, there’s a way’.


Sajid is one of the company’s ACCA qualified accountants. He takes his job seriously and in fact loves staying concentrated and quiet while doing what he loves most at work – playing with numbers.  After work he enjoys spending his free time in the evenings watching movies.


Sandra is a sweet and timid team member. She strongly believes in always giving life your best, no matter what. In her free time, Sandra enjoys reading, cooking, playing tennis and also learning about the different cultures. What Sandra loves most from her work is dealing with numbers making her days at the office even more challenging. Sandra is currently studying to obtain her ACCA.

Shania Galea

Shania, our youngest member within the team is a sweet, quiet and patient person who loves helping others. She loves her role as it allows her to connect with other people and learn new things at the same time. When not at work or studying for ACCA exams to reach her career goal, that of becoming a qualified accountant, she loves spending time catching up with friends or watching a movie.

Teresa Merza

Meet Teresa, a Junior Accounts Executive in our company who loves travelling to explore new places. She is described as a responsible person who one can rely on her easily. The most thing she loves about her job is that it is challenging, and she believes that what you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.